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A.Born is a rugged products manufacturer in Taiwan. our mission is to provide our clients with reliable, 
high quality systems and hardware modules. With resources dedicated to design and development of 
superior platform for field operations, our product ranges from industrial product to military grade systems.

We are qualified to locate in CSIST research park and provide many kinds of military computers to local 

A.Born Strive to be among the world-class rugged solutions provider .Every member of A.Born is delicate 
to the Way of total quality management, offering the best quality without compromising cost and speed-to 
market while providing superior value with world-class services.


A.Born ranks among the world's top rugged-solution vendors, designing and marketing easy, dependable 
solutions that empower people to reach their goals and enhance their lives.
Looking into the future,
 A.Born will continue to position itself as the best partner for rugged products and strengthen product design and R&D 
capability, enhance manufacturing system to increase product and quality, and reduce the lead time of delivery.

From development to deployment ; A.Born is there to ensure the success of your land, sea, air programs.

We also specializes in a variety of customer-design solutions. Our creative and aggressive team 
empowers us to provide customers with correctly solutions and quick response in this ever-changing 

We can also help customers to implement their own design from your drafts or drawings, further modify 
our existing products to meet the demanding requirements through technology re-use, or develop a totally 
unique solution to your needs.


We are never absent in each Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibitions.

Alliances with companies having unique strengths in vertical application-specific market segments have 
also been developed. These alliances allow A.Born to incorporate innovative technology solutions for 
each project. A.Born's products incorporate the knowledge gained through years of field trials, application 
specific solutions, and end-user focus groups. Their experience in the Utility, Public Safety, Construction 
and Field Inspection markets, have helped establish industry-leading product development and 
implementation expertise. 

Our design are 100% hardware and software compatible across the multiple levels of ruggedization.

 Our experienced engineering and manufactureing services can help you solve even the most complex issues. 

Our global friends

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